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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mississippi Happening interview with Hello Negro

Mississippi Happening brings you the electronic sounds of Hello Negro, from New Orleans, LA!  Hello Negro hits the 2014 VOODOO Experience this year with his electronic improvisations!  

Hello Negro
OCT 31 |  2:15PM- 4:15PM   |  Le Plur Stage

The mysterious art that holds so many in its thrall is an exercise in aural alchemy for Hello Negro. Born and raised in New Orleans, a city steeped in the revolutionary traditions of Black music, he brings a solid foundation of musical theory and an almost preternatural ear for phrasing to an EDM genre that is often pervaded by repetition and convention.

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Mississippi Happening interview with 
Hello Negro

Mississippi Happening:  What led you from playing jazz piano to start experimenting in electronic music and performing it?  

Hello Negro: Nothing lead me from it. I don't consider myself much of a musician, nevertheless, whatever it is I do consider myself, this electronic skylarking is in addition to - not in place of.

Mississippi Happening:   You’re known for improvising with your electronic compositions.  Why do you find improvisation important in your music? 

Hello Negro:  In all fairness, I'd have to separate myself from the act of instantaneous thematic development to justifiably make a proclaimation regarding its salience. Improvisation has been an integral element in all of the music I've studied - it's too inextricably tethered to what I do to be considered important. It's intrinsic. 

Mississippi Happening: .  What do you enjoy most about performing electronic music?

Hello Negro:  Sojourning just beyond the precipice of sonic and emotional entropy - toeing a line that doubles as the Party Zone event horizon. [ suspenseful music crescendos]

Mississippi Happening: .  How does your jazz background affect your electronic compositions?

Hello Negro:  The language that I [ attempt ] to speak is one that has been heavily influenced by harmonic, rhythmic and melodic paradigms that are the fundamentals of Jazz.

Mississippi Happening:  What are your favorite things about New Orleans?

Hello Negro:  I know you want to ask me a better question than that, DG.

Mississippi Happening:  What can the VOODOO audience look forward to seeing at your show? 

Hello Negro:  i dunno wut day gone c, but ikan tell u wut day gwine heer - a surfeit of frequencies in the 60Hz - 400Hz range at 95dB and up. "Whhhooooweeee - dass a lotta bass dare, cappy!" 

Mississippi Happening:  Will you be dressing up for Halloween, if so, what will you be?

Hello Negro:  Yes. Cotton Mather dressed up as HN.

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