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Monday, November 3, 2014

Unicorn Fukr interview - VOODOO Experience 2014

Unicorn Fukr

Unicorn Fukr  is an indigenous creature from New Orleans born from mythical fornication. Since 2007, he has been thrusting his horn into the EDM scene, helping to pioneer the bass music takeover of Louisiana. Donning his disco vest and a wide range of electronic music, his ‘GET WEIRD’ ethos has spread like wild fire to all corners of the state and beyond. Through his legendary marathon DJ sets and infamous underground dance parties, Unicorn Fukr succeeds in his quest: to educate and expose people to the absolute dopest, cutting edge beats, and to bring people together to dance ecstatically all night, experiencing the soul-enriching vibes only high quality dance music can provide. 

Mississippi Happening interview with Unicorn Fukr:

Listen to Unicorn Fukr

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