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Thursday, April 1, 2010

[Photo Post] From House Shows to St. Paddy's Day

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howdy true believers!

WPB here again! it's been awhile since my last photo post so, i figured i'd combine two into one

first up, some photos i should have posted weeks ago but just got busy, the House Show at Lizzie Wright's House (aka Mission Control) starring: Julian Vu, You & Yourn, and Lizzie Wright herself! (you can see the official Mississippi Happening post about the show here!)

if the always adorable Amanda Rainey's t-shirt says it, it must be true!

You & Yourn hanging out with the crew after their interview

Tre checks the sound. perfection is his aim!

AJC enjoying it. and by "it" i mean life!

Daniel G. is the host with the most!

Julian Vu starts off the night of music (Julian has recently moved to Washington D.C. and we're all missing him in mississippi)

You & Yourn continue the music.

You & Yourn were actually on tour and decided to add Jackson to their list of cities

and we're glad they did!

ya'll come back now, ya hear? :)

and to close out this night of music at Mission Control, we have the superspace ship herself, Lizzie Wright!

(i really love this shot)

after her set, there was a surprise waiting for lizzie!

yep! that night was also her birthday! we all started singing Happy Birthday right about here :)

Happy Birthday Lizzie Wright! :)

next up! photos from the St. Paddy's Day Parade!

I did an extremely long photo essay about this over on my photo blog; Scenes Around Jackson (which, y'know, shameless plug) so i won't repeat myself here.

But here are some highlights of a great day in Jackson, MS!

once again we start of with the always adorable Amanda busting a move with the always artistic Josh Hailey!

Megan Storm, showing off her green (back off boys, this lady's married now to a certain Daniel G. and Daniel G don't play that) ;)

this is how we do it, yo!

Daniel G, keeping that foreground looking good

The Rainey Sisters (Amanda and Dubb Nubb!) lead the way!

believe it or not, but they were singing Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean".


it's Donna Ladd and Ash!

the TOO LIVE KREWE showing some bead love!

Josh keeps us moving and the crowd loves it!

ok. come on. that's just cool :)

(another shot i just love)

AJC and his lady, Chanel (who's also a model, graphic designer, business woman, awesome)


and we'll close it out with yours truly and AJC keeping it real :)

hope ya'll enjoyed this double post and i'll try to make sure it's not as long between photo posts anymore :)

ya'll have a good one!


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