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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Podcast LIVE at Lizzie Wright's House Party

Hello Mississippi lovers here in Mississippi and beyond! Thank you so much for your continued support for creative Mississippi Music! This week's podcast is a special one. You will hear some of Mississippi's current hit makers and some from the surrounding states that have a strong tie to Mississippi, either by being raised here or just touring through...as you will hear with You & Yourn, from Illinois. We got to talk to this lovely sweet couple, and we also hung out with Julian Vu, who was so cool and fun....and he performs by himself...using loopers and playing every instrument and harmonies...it was a treat to see him perform live! We recorded this prior to the Julian Vu and You & Yourn shows at Lizzie's house. She was the host of this cool house party. Props to Lizzie Wright!

So...here is the podcast you are all wanting to check out. I hope you enjoy the ride! ...BTW....I'm really into Trance, so, you'll hear lots of that while we talk....come on y'all.....I was in Europe....it's just something that's a part of life there....lol....enjoy!


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Check out these videos from the house show!!!!

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