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Thursday, January 28, 2010

[Photo Post] Dirty December Hanukkah Bash @ One to One! (12.3.09)

howdy ya'll!

william patrick butler (or, as AJC calls me, WPB) here!

as part of the new and improved Mississippi Happening experience, one thursday out of every wonderful month of what will surely be the Best Year Ever, i'll be posting a photo essay here. (as the always adorable Amanda Rainey clued everyone in on in the previous post)

so, to kick things off, let me warm up the Flux-Capacitor and hop in the Way-Back Machine and journey back to the last month of the recently previous year (2009 for those that have a hard time keeping up with time-travel) and show you a certain party that took place at One to One Studios (now known as the North Midtown Arts Center)

the party was the Dirty December Hanukkah Bash, brought to you by Special Passenger Records!

let's get to it!

the guests are ready to party!

and to help them party, Amanda and Rachel man The Manischewitz shot bar!

that's right, pour it up! :)

the table that taught us about Hanukkah!

The Bachelorettes, excuse me, The Hanukkettes take the stage as the first musical act of the night!

ain't no party like a Hanukkettes dance party!

Josh makes his Hanukkettes debut, playing some sweet trumpet

Dr. Annie Blazer, looking good in available light, as she lays down some ukulele love

Amanda ready on the drums!

Lizzie Wright (Super Spaceship) showing the Hanukkettes some love.

heh, this is where they started sing a cover to Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song". Hilarity ensued!

the ISJL Divas (and Lizzie) are digging it!

Rachel loves Hanukkah!!

The Hanukkettes ladies and gentlemen!!

next up, why it's Katie and the Bass Drums!! all the way from Knoxville, TN!!

Amanda and Shelby prepare to bust some moves to KATBD...

see, told ya so!

Annie joins the dancing!

go ladies go!

this is where Zac Fallon (which, if you haven't figured out yet is Katie, the Bass Drum, and every other instrument) sings us a song about Love and what happens when it makes your heart melt

as you can see, Amanda is very amused. (LoL, and you will be too as soon as you go listen to it. it's on his first album. NSFW) ;)

Annie and her ukulele join the power of the bass drums! so powerful, it bounced me back to shooting in available light! ;)

every now and then, you just have to belt some lyrics out solo!

the bass drum makes an appearance!

if the bass drum is out, you know the dance party is rocking!

ahhh yeah!

Katie and the Bass Drums, ladies and gentlemen!!

after that, it was time to see who won the raffle!

i will admit, i've forgotten what the prize was and who won but it seems as if Amanda was loving every minute of it! ;)

and with that, we wrap up our night with even more dancing. as it should be! :)

and so ends my first photo post for the all-new Mississippi Happening! i'll see ya next month! :)

and if you'd like to learn more about the wonders of Hanukkah, just click that link and/or get in touch with one of the Ladies of ISJL. after all it's:


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