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Thursday, January 21, 2010

News from MS Happening & VIDEOS from a house show!!!

Greetings Mississippi Happening readers/viewers/listeners ! My name is Amanda and I love Mississippi. Almost a year ago, I started helping Daniel with Mississippi Happening and have been booking bands to play on the show, doing the concert calendar, and occasionally co-hosting. I hope you agree that Mississippi Happening is an awesome resource for musicians to promote themselves and music lovers to hear about new bands and events going on around town.

We have recently decided to change things up a little bit here on mississippihappening.com. We will still be posting every single week, but each week in any given month will be posted by a different contributor. Daniel Guaqueta will now be doing a monthly podcast, William Patrick Butler will be posting beautiful photo essays, AJC will post his own kind of podcast, and I will post whatever the hell I want. This way, you will get a variety of things to listen to, look at, watch and read and Mississippi Happening will move towards a more collaborative format.

This means that YOU are invited to become a Mississippi Happening contributor as well!!!

Please contact us at mshappening@gmail.com if you would be interested in submitting material for the blog. This could include photos of a show, an album review, links to a new band, a music video, a promotional poster or audio clip for an upcoming concert, etc. We love the idea of Mississippi Happening being a community blog and a place for you to promote your music or express yourself.

To start things off, I wanted to share with you something really special that happened this week in Jackson. Last Saturday, Lizzie Wright got a message on www.couchsurfing.org from a guy named Peter Squires. Peter has been on a solo acoustic tour for the past two months and needed a place to crash in Jackson on his way to Atlanta. He figured that Jackson wouldn’t be a good place to play, so he didn’t bothered trying to set up a show here. Lizzie, however saw that he was a musician and organized a house show in her living room for Tuesday night. She asked Emily Baker to play as well and made a little last minute facebook invite.

The show ended up being completely amazing. Lizzie played first, inviting the audience to play shakers and tambourines and the occasional nose flute. We sang along to our favorite robot song, learned about trees, and watched in silence at her performance of a new song about her grandfather. By the time she finished over 20 people had shown up.

Emily Baker, Jackson’s favorite baritone ukulele player, was next. Her set of all unrecorded songs will leave anyone wanting more. Here is a video of a song called ‘Dig’ with Lizzie singing some harmonies in the background:

Peter Squires finished the show with some of the most charming heartbreak songs I’ve heard. He began the show explaining that he recorded an album of breakup songs to help him get over an ex-girlfriend. Apparently the experience was quite cathartic, thus he was no longer the same guy behind the bitter and angry voice in his songs. It was awesome to see him so obviously changed from his musical journey of writing the album and touring it across the country, and to feel a part of that journey by watching and participating in his set. Check out the video of his first song ‘witch’ and go to his website and tell him to come back to Jackson:

After the show, many of us hung around and had a sing along to 90s hits, Disney songs and oldies. We also talked fairly late into the night with Peter about the amazing arts community in Jackson. He told us it had been his favorite stop on tour. Take a look at Peter’s tour blog for his write up of the show.

Thanks for reading and please please contact us at mshappening@gmail.com if you want to submit anything to the site! I am off to Bachelorettes practice and then to see Horse Trailer at Sneaky Beans!!!! <3 ! ! ! -Amanda

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