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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kid Koala

Legendary turntablist Kid Koala met up with us on Sunday before his set on the Preservation Hall stage. An affable fellow, he gave us way more than we bargained for – a 19+ minute interview covering topics from the Blues to his approach to the turntables and the challenge of creating innovative art experiences to accompany his music. 
Unfortunately, this was the most technically fraught of all our interviews – luckily we mostly just lost me talking. There is a little bit of radio silence at the beginning and at 12 minutes in the camera shuts off – i should have warned camera man Melvin Priester of this auto shut off but he caught it and quickly restarted the filming.
We targeted Koala for an interview because of his recent album 12-bit Blues. He was more than gracious in discussing his relationship with the blues and blues culture and went above and beyond in his willingness to discuss his art form with us. Sorry for the technical difficulties.


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