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Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Bring The Music Home" series #1 July 26! Live Videocast!!!

Hello Mississippians! We'd also like to say hello to: Brazil, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, India, & France for taking an interest in Mississippi Happening online!

July is going to be a fun month! Summer is officially in full swing, and to boot, Mississippi Happening is bringing something new to our table. We are starting our "Bring The Music Home" series July 26. "Bring The Music Home" is an effort to bring touring bands to Mississippi for the sole purpose of encouraging networking opportunities for our local bands serious about taking their music outside of Mississippi.

July 26, we kick off this journey at Sneaky Beans in Jackson, MS with live performances!!!

We'll have The Forms from Brooklyn, NY. They run their own record label; so this is a great opportunity to come and ask questions about how they run it, book their nationwide tours, and generate a living doing what they love.

Also, if you are unable to make the show at Sneaky Beans, no worries, we'll have a Live Online VIDEOCAST of the whole show right here on the Mississippi Happening webpage!

Hope to see y'all out!
-Daniel Guaqueta for Ms Hap!

Check out some of what The Forms are all about here:

Watch: The Forms performing on the streets of New York City:

Watch: The Forms on a SXSW 2011 Recap by Treblezene.com:

Mississippi performers for this show
include Jackson, MS locals:

J-Tran - Josh Hailey & Tre Pepper are great at making electro glitch-core dance songs with elaborately synched vocal rhymes about sex, love, life and art!


Watch: J-Tran performing LIVE on their Summer 2011 Tour!

Argiflex - A new solo artist in the Jackson community brining electronic beats with his collection of drum machines, analog keyboards, and Nintendo Game Boy contraptions!


This will be a show celebrating the electronic side of Mississippi. We are not just a collection of blues & acoustic artists, we also love and embrace technology, and this will be about celebrating just that.

When: July 26
Time: 7pm
Where: Sneaky Beans, Jackson, MS
How much: $5
Who: The Forms, J-Tran, & Argiflex

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  1. I am just plain excited for this! Thanks for putting it together!