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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mississippi Happening moving forward! 5th Child, ZeeDubb, J-Tran, and FREE Voodoo Experience Ticket GIVEAWAY coming soon!!!!

Thanks to all of you for continuing to support Mississippi Happening! We are consistently getting more Twitter friends, and the visits are through the roof! We can certainly see that the love for Mississippi music and art is alive and well attended!

There's so much going on in this wonderful and colorful state, and the music is always in a forward motion! We may be southerners and enjoy our downtime, but we know how to shake things up too!

Speaking of shaking things up..., check out this new single by ZeeDubb from Vicksburg, MS! We love his style, and we hope you enjoy this jam:

Since we're talking about hip-hop....did you know that 5th Child just released his newest album? Check it out here:

The world of technology is always blowing my mind, and with that said, check out what these crazy dudes of J-Tran can do with a projector! This is a treat! We love J-Tran and want to send them off on their Summer 2011 tour with a HUGE LOVING hug!!!!!

Check these videos and we'll see you soon!!!!!!!
-Daniel Guaqueta / MH

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