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Friday, March 5, 2010

Jackson Impromptu Concert Series

A couple of weeks ago I got an invitation to a Facebook page called Jackson Impromptu Concert Series by my good friend and bandmate Lizzie Wright. This is what the description said:

The Impromptu Concert Series is an out of the box musical experiment aimed at promoting local artists in intimate settings exploring Jackson's unknown venues. Concerts are at random times with random artists in random spaces around Jackson.

Ummmm, awesome right? So I became a fan and asked Lizzie to tell me more about this project. All she would tell me is that she was planning amazing and secret shows with Josh Little and would announce them on Facebook two days before they happened. Really, they would announce the time, date and location and you would have to show up to find out who is performing.

If you know me, you know that I am really bad at secrets. In fact, my band wrote a song about it that originally went, 'How do you keep a secret girls? Don't tell Amanda!' So of course, Lizzie wouldn't tell me anything more about the first show they were planning...even though I knew that she really really wanted to.

The idea took off and the page now has 300+ fans. They teamed up with Jef Judin to add a text message alert that sends you the information to your phone in case you don't have facebook. (text the word IMPROMPTU to 97325 to sign up!!!) I did just that and I got a text message on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!! It said:

IMPROMPTU: The first impromptu concert is tonight @ 9pm at the Duling Schools far right entrance on the south side! Look for White Balloons. See ya tonight!

OK, so I have a love/hate relationship with secrets, because I did try to get the scoop out of several people but I was also completely excited and glad I was in for a surprise. I showed up at about 9:15 right when the first act was starting...and it was....

Johnny Bertram!!!!! Here is a video by our new friend Julian Vu. It will explain it better than any words I could come up with.

Next up was Wooden Finger!!!!

It was an awesome night and a really cool thing that is happening in Jackson, MS. Lizzie assured us that there are more concerts to come so don't forget to text 'impromptu' to 97325 to sign up for alerts!!! We will also continue to post the updates on the Mississippi Happening facebook page.

I am off to go practice with Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship for a show we are doing at a Millsaps Fraternity Chili Bowl tomorrow at 11:30am!!! Also tomorrow night is The Blackout featuring AJC at Hal & Mals, so check that out and have a great weekend!

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