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Friday, September 4, 2009

Live @ Fondren After 5 (9.3.09)! LONG LIVE MISSISSIPPI HAPPENING!

This was a special day for Mississippi Happening. Special guests that happened to stroll past our camp: Kamikaze, Chris Wheeler of Ape Champ, Blacdadi Straheberies, Sara McKercher of Roosevelt Noise, Bunny & Tom Wright of statestreetposts.com, AJC, The Bachelorettes, Taylor Hildebrand of Passenger Jones, William Goodman, and awesome MISSISSIPPI ROCK! Of course, this week's show is chaotic, and sometimes makes no sense...but...it's just ROCK...so sit back, relax...and enjoy the fun!

To listen, click here:
Mississippi Happening LIVE at Fondren After Five! 9-3-09

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