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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Mississippi Happening fans!

Last week was a very unfortunate one for Mississippi Happening and WLEZ community radio in Jackson 100.1 FM. We would like to say that some things were misunderstood...as they are so often in the world of entertainment. For those of you who heard football instead of Mississippi Happening last week. Please take note: that was a simple mistake often made in the broadcast world. The football did not replace Mississippi Happening forever, it was only for that night. With that said, Mississippi Happening is now currently running as a podcast, and no longer will be at WLEZ 100.1 FM.

Mississippi Happening would like to send our up-most respect to WLEZ and encourage all of Jackson and Mississippi to stand behind WLEZ as they are truly interested in the local community. Thanks to WLEZ, Mississippi Happening has had an opportunity to express itself through the airwaves, and we will never forget that. Thanks to WLEZ as well for sticking in there with us! We support WLEZ and are grateful for them giving us a great standing ground!

Everyone, check out our favorite shows at WLEZ 100.1 FM!

"The Dynamic Defender" with John Yelverton (6pm Wednesdays)
"Swing and Sway" with John Green (6pm Sundays)

Thanks WLEZ for all your sweetness! Mississippi Happening appreciates and thanks you!

Ms Hap

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