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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mississippi Happening Voodoo Experience Backstage Antics

Mississippi Happening owes a debt of gratitude to the city and people of New Orleans for bringing us in and showing us an excellent time at the Voodoo Experience weekend. Nothing seemed traditional about this festival – even separate from the entertainment, the amenities were a notch above the norm.

The food selection was extensive and quite diverse and local – from specialty seafood to Vietnamese pho to bulk dried fruits. There were more porta-potties than you could shake a stick at. Security was nice and never overbearing. Lockers were available for a modest price and there was shade to rest in everywhere.

The locker was clutch all weekend for enjoying the festival when work was done. Toyota had some great exercise machines. We drank plenty of water and enjoyed some great conversations on the rising arts culture in Mississippi after some of our interviews. 


Not pictured is Melvin Priester who was resident camera wiz all weekend. After downloading the manual to his smart phone – he was unstoppable.

The crew for the Mississippi Happening Voodoo Experience was:

daniel johnson – interviews
Melvin Priester – photography and film
Clay Harwick – film and stunt driving
Daniel Guaqueta – instigator

Special thanks to Grant and Jill Ingram for hosting the Mississippi Happening tent city in their backyard. Take a stab at whose tent is whose...

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