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Monday, November 19, 2012

Art Everywhere at Voodoo Experience

Art was everywhere at the Voodoo Experience. One way that the festival really set itself apart was the degree to which creativity was showcased everywhere. 

                                                                               Public art pieces were commissioned for the festival, pieces were in the trees, light fixtures were art objects, and New Orleans-based performance outfits were taking over the pathways.

We caught a shot with metal artist Christian Ristow (www.christianristow.com) showing off the controllers for his interactive face and below you can see his huge metal lobster –

Some of the most exciting events at Voodoo were the unscheduled appearances of local acts such as the Beatbot and the Noisician Coalition. It was great to have New Orleans art groups representing throughout the festival.

Here you can see Guaqueta and i being attached by the flaming beat bot. This bot would insidiously break up any ho hum path loitering by festival goers to interject bass and compulsory dancing!

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