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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crossroads Film Festival showcases Mississippi Music Videos!

Crossroads Film Festival kicks off its weekend with the Crossroads Music Video Showcase! At this showing, you can catch the latest of the best music videos produced in Mississippi this year! Below is a list of the videos showing:
Here is a Crossroads Film Festival Schedule tailored for the musician!


APRIL 1-3, 2011

Several locations all over the metro area

See full schedule: http://www.crossroadsfilmfestival.com/

Prices incredibly reasonable, starting at $6!!!

FRI 4:30PM (Sal & Mookies) - Filmmakers Welcome Reception featuring music by Mohamed Ahamok (who is from Niger and appears in one of our best films this year, Agadez- see below!) *Get All Access Pass for admission

FRI 7:15PM (Malco) - Music Video Showcase - music videos featuring many local musicians, including Johnny Bertram, Tommy Bryan Ledford, Astrocasket, The Green Seed, Cory Taylor Cox, Voodelic, Church Keys, Star & Micey, Nash Street, ML the Truth, Flight, Spacewolf, Furrows, Shaheed, Ttocs Rekarp, Dead Snares, 7even:Thirty, Stone Jack jones.

FRI 9:30PM (Hal & Mal’s) - Live Music afterparty w/ Strange Pilgrims & Hank Overkill

SAT 11:30AM (Malco) - Films: Liver Mousse (short performance doc about the local band) and Agadez: The Music and the Rebellion (a feature doc about a famous guitarist from Agadez, Niger, Africa, it also explores history and culture of that region). Beautiful photography of Africa and amazing music! Don’t miss it! Also, you can meet musicians from the films!!!

SAT 1:35PM (Malco) - Workshop: For Musicians - How to Get Your Songs on Screen

SAT 4:00PM (Haute Pig) - Filmmakers Reception featuring music by Ben Payton *Get All Access Pass for admission

SAT 9:15PM (Malco) - Film: The Dead Inside - Part comedy, part horror film, part musical… mixed with zombies, exorcism, writer’s block, and power ballads. If you like Rocky Horror, The Guild, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Zombieland, check this out!

SAT 9:30PM (Hal & Mal’s) - Live Music after party w/Taylor Hildebrand & 7even:Thirty

SUN 12:30PM (Malco) - Films: A Joyous Racket (doc about a teacher’s journey through music ed with the help of a gifted student) & Watermelon Slim (doc about the Clarksdale bluesman/colorful resident) FILMMAKERS in attendance!

SUN 5:40PM (Malco) - Film: Music from the Big House (a doc about a white Canadian female blues singer who comes to the infamous prison in Angola, La. to perform. There she discovers musical talent among the inmates, along with stories of hope and redemption. My music teacher heart expands just thinking about it!) FILMMAKER in attendance!

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