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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Video & Album by The Furrows & $$$ TUPELO UNDERGROUND makes an Announcement! $$$

The Furrows have a new album and video! Wow Mississippi...keep on keepin' on!

‎"Malcontent and Adored" vinyl is now available at Bebop in Maywood Mart, Jackson, MS and it will also be available at The Little Big Store.
You can purchase a DIGITAL copy of the new Furrows album at: http://furrows1.bandcamp.com/album/malcontent-and-adored

The Upperhand by The Furrows from Robby Piantanida on Vimeo.



A film-loving group that puts together a unique film festival in Tupelo that generates income for all filmmakers involved!


Hey! It's our 3rd year of Tupelo Underground. We didn't realize what a success it would be when we started and it just keeps growing.

I'm writing all of you local filmmakers (and associates of filmmakers) so that you can help us get out the word for submissions and also help us get people in the seats. We accept submissions from all over the world, but we do like to showcase our home talent.

So if you have something to submit, please do so. We don't have a limit on submissions and we don't charge a submission fee. This is a one day festival so keep in mind that we don't have time but for a few feature length films. (Deadline is May 31st)

Also, if you have something in the works that you'd like to submit that's NOT finished, please just let us know ahead of time so that we get an idea of who wants to be involved.

You can help in other ways too...promotion and helping to get sponsorship. We haven't yet sorted out where we're getting a PA. Sponsorship will get you a mention in the program.

As an added bonus, filmmakers, we split the profits (any money left after covering promotional materials, rental, etc.) with each film that we show after the night is over!

Submit DVD to:

April / Tupelo Underground

1059 CR 183

Blue Springs, MS 38828

Be there...6pm June 25th @ The Link Centre!

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