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Thursday, February 18, 2010

[Photo Post] ZOMBIE PROM! (2.13.10)


this...my god...the things i've seen...

this is william patrick butler...WPB...and after the things i saw saturday the 13th @ Ole Tavern on George Street, i now know that LOVE NEVER DIES, it PROMS! my god, it PROMS!

i...i better start from the beginning...


it was just supposed to be another mississippi happening photo assignment. just another assignment showing what was HAPPENING in mississippi during, what will surely be the BEST YEAR EVER. in addition! it was supposed to be the happy six month wedding anniversary reunion of The Bachelorettes with their husBand Senryu, along with additional musical guests J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices. it should have been such a happy time.

i should have known something was wrong when i saw that banner...

people (if one can still call THE DEAD THAT WALKS "people") started to file in. slowly...oh so slowly...!

and don't be fooled by the cuteness and the smiles! behind those cute smiles was an undying hunger for FACES and/or BRAINS!

i knew i had to act fast...i wasn't going out like this!

and then that's when i noticed...!

the camera! the camera was saving me!

for it seems...when ZOMBIES PROM...they need photos!
this was my only chance...

just keep snapping...just keep shooting...

keep them away from my FACE and/or BRAINS...

the words won't come easy...

the horrors...oh the horrors...!

...best to let the photos do the talking for me...

*gasp!* can it be...?!

yes! not even the fierce POWER of the Magnolia Roller Vixens skating could protect them from the Zombie Apocalypse...

*gasp!* yet again! oh heartbreak! even the lovely Girls in the Band, The Bacherlorettes, have fallen victim...

will the horrors never stop?!

wow...rachel sure is a happy Zombie...maybe...maybe i was wrong...maybe there's still hope for her and..

no no! argah, oh no!! i knew it! i should have remembered that "behind the cute smiles was an undying hunger for FACES and/or BRAINS!!"

have to make a run for it...!


my god! non-zombies!! run...run you fools before it's too late!!

wait...wait...something's off here...these two seem normal and yet...

and yet...

sweet georgia peaches she's a vampire!! a vampire i say! that must be her ghoul!!

the UNDEAD and the WALKING DEAD at the same prom?! what deep, fiery level of hell have i fallen into...?!

if i survive this horror, i shall call this photo "Zombie Gothic"

oh heavy heart!

Senryu, the husBand of the Girls in the Band, fallen...fallen...

but wait...! what's this?!

it's Senryu and The Bachelorettes, shambling together!

remember, this ain't no Thriller, son...!

and it ain't no Monster Mash!

this is hardcore rock-shambling!

the kind of rock-shambling that only the eight of them can make in their undying love...!

so touching...

so tragic...


i must have been mad...but i HAD to take the risk and get a photo with them...

the world must know that BAND LOVE NEVER DIES!!

what the...?! Zombies know how to use power-tools now?!

oh we. are. so. screwed...

(ok ok, have to break character for a sec here, but i love this photo LoL)

and now, the horror continues...

even THE WALKING DEAD know, you always have to rep yo hood!

oh...oh no! the camera isn't working anymore!! they're coming for my FACE and/or BRAINS...!!

i...i have to get outta here...!!

oh sweet baby jesus in the virgin mary's lap is this how it all ends?!!?


...i...i managed to get away before lizzie could sink her super spaceship teeth into me...

and now you know my story. if you're reading this it means the internet still exists, which means there's hope! arm yourselves before it's too late!!

remember...always remember! LOVE NEVER DIES, it PROMS!!

and may whatever god(s) you believe in have sweet, tender mercy on your poor doomed souls...!

- WPB (last survivor of the ZOMBIE PROM!)

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