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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Mississippi Happening DOUBLE HEADER!

From the producers of Mississippi Happening: 

Hey y'all!!  Guess what?

Mississippi Happening is pulling a double header tonight!  That's right, there is so much happening in Jackson that we are recording two shows.

First, we'll be at Smoak Salon in the Duling School building from 7-8pm, with our friends at Tweeked Out Radio!  They'll be hosting a LIVE real-time Videocast of the event at http://www.tweekedoutradio.com.  This is during Fondren Unwrapped so go look at art, buy some gifts and stop by to see us.  (and get free wine!!) 

After that we are heading to the Ole Tavern on George St to broadcast right before the Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears show, from 9-10pm.  They are a touring band from New York and will be completely awesome so come out an watch our interview with them and then stay for the show!!  Check them out here.  They are also playing with The Black Hollies from New Jersey.   Don't miss it!!!

Mississippi Happening

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