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Friday, October 16, 2009

NEW SHOW!!! Interview: Blacdadi Strahberies & Magnolia Roller Vixens

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Interview: Blacdadi Strahberies

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Band - Title

T-Bird and the Breaks - Baby Bottle
Skipp Coon - Concrete
Storage 24 - Addiction
Electric Mudd - Driver
Seven Nations - Infinity
Johnny Bertram - Many Men
Blacdadi Strahberies - Funk Cosmos
Blacdadi Strahberies - Country Flava
Passenger Jones - Drag King
Lee Barber - Darla
n.o.-l. - Street Light

Music during Ms Hap Concert Calendar: Interstates - Open Your Eyes
Show Intro Music: Hexstatic - Communication Breakdown

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