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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weeks, Wheels and wonders in Jackson, MS

Hi y'all, it's Amanda blogging for Mississippi Happening. Daniel and I have been talking about how we can get the radio show and local music out to more people via the internet! He said I can be co-producer of the show and update this blog if I want, so I thought I would tell you about my Friday the 13th:

Last night I texted my special passenger that I was 'drowning in a sea of high school hipsters,' to which he relied, 'jeez, what a nightmare.' I, however was having a great time in the Hal and Mal's Red Room soaking in the cuteness of the scene. The show, which featured Hymns, Death on Two Wheels, The Bridges and The Weeks, was organized by Swell-o-Venue but moved to the Red Room due to the rain. I got there at 9 and unfortunately just missed Hymns, so we grabbed a quick beer in the restaurant and went into the show as Death on Two Wheels started their set.

Death, as I like to call them, are from Atlanta, GA and are currently on a SXSW tour with Hymns and The Bridges. I had the pleasure of meeting them earlier in theevening at the radio station, their first stop in Jackson off a long and rainy drive from Nashville. Daniel and I had been talking to Chaz and Sam from the Weeks on the radio when they got there, so Daniel played a few tunes and they set up and sound checked in approximately 3 minutes and 25 seconds. They played a beautiful acoustic version of 'Two Dollar Bills,' the last track of their album with two guitars and lots of harmonies. Click here to listen to yesterday's broadcast of Mississippi Happening, featuring this live performance of The Weeks and Death on Two Wheels, along with plenty of other local tunes and a random conversation about paper clips!

So, I walked into the Red Room as Death were playing their first song and was really happy to see the array of sixteen year olds in skinny jeans dancing to this gritty, sweaty rock'n'roll band. I really love that these high school kids are into local indie rock, and would rather see a show on a Friday night then go to a party. Death rocked so hard that the Hal and Mals sign in the background shook the entire time.

Next, The Bridges played a sweet and really tight set. The are a family band of four siblings and a cousin with girl singers and plaid shirts, all things that just melt my heart.

The Weeks closed out the night with a fun set for their biggest fans. They are heading to the studio today to record an ep due out this summer, so they were really polished. I danced like a crazy person and my friends told me that I had in fact dressed like a high school hipster myself.


Tonight, check out the Fais Do Do extravaganza at 121 Studios. I hear that Jessica Wilson is baking 250 servings of corn bread, so you better get there early ready to eat, dance and be merry.

Speaking of merriment, if you are interested in blogging for Mississippi Happening or are a musician and want to hear yourself on the radio, then contact us at mshappening@gmail.com.

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